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Some facts about living conditions on planet Earth are known. For example, if you are out on a date with your best girl and a couple of blood suckers approach, a quick call to Buffy can save your bacon. But, how often does that happen in your neighborhood?

A more realistic problem that young couples in love face daily is the increase of dinosaur activity in and around major population areas that feature lots of trees and rain. For most people, that can be a bitch to handle. But not so for the citizens of Australia. That's because they have Jennifer O'Dell, the lovely star of the syndicated sci-fi adventure series The Lost World, doing some serious work on their continent.

Based on the original story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World tells the exiting tale of a British expedition out to prove the existence of an unknown age -- an age of shifting time, dinosaurs, giant bees, savage troglodytes, supernatural creatures and worst of all, cannibalistic ape men with no Wendy's within miles. Clara Peller was always looking for the beef ... but not the ape men. They know where dinner is.

And that's where Jennifer O'Dell enters the picture. She plays Veronica, a luscious young woman raised in the Lost World who is searching for her botanist parents, missing for over ten years after not returning home from a hunt for specimens. It's Veronica who knows the land and how to survive against all of the elements. Without her, the members of the expedition would be doomed.

After seeing O'Dell in several key episodes, I decided it was time to interview the actress in order to find out three things: how she stays in such fabulous physical and mental shape; why the young actress left home to shoot a sci-fi series in a rainy jungle; and to see if she's free for dinner Saturday night. Two out of three ain't bad.

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